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The 7MTB Real Sports contest, part of the Mountain Bike Moldova Cup, is a project of the Real Sports Association organized together with the partners and sponsors.

This competition is in the 3rd edition and we want this contest to become a symbol and every year we have an event where a whole community can participate.

We invite you to join the 7MTB Real Sports and enjoy a day full of smiles, fun and movement, alongside passionate people, building healthy and active lifestyle.

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Real Sports Association


The contest will take place during a marathon event that will start at Bucium plateau area (at Relay), 9 km from Iasi City Center, on the main road towards Vaslui, DN 24.

Scan the QR code to see the location on the map or click here.

QR location 7MTB Real Sports

Two routes will be used in this competition:

Long Route

  • Length: 54 km;
  • Elevation: 912 m;
  • Difficulty: medium.

Short Route

  • Length: 38 km;
  • Elevation: 780 m;
  • Difficulty: medium.

Time schedule

  • 1 April - 30 September 2021: Online enrollment period;
  • 1 October 2021, between 16:00 and 20:00: Distribution of starter kits;
  • 2 October 2021 (day of the contest):
    • 08:30 - 09:15: Distribution of starter kits, allocation of LONG ROUTE numbers;
    • 09:15 - 10:30: Distribution of starter kits, allocation of SHORT ROUTE numbers;
    • 10:00: START THE LONG ROUTE;

Age categories

Long Route

  • Women 18 - 29 years;
  • Women 30 - 39 years;
  • Women 40 - 49 years;
  • Women 50+ years;
  • Men 18 - 29 years;
  • Men 30 - 39 years;
  • Men 40 - 49 years;
  • Men 50+ years;

Short Route

  • Women 14 - 18 years;
  • Women 19 - 29 years;
  • Women 30 - 39 years;
  • Women 40 - 49 years;
  • Women 50+ years;
  • Men 14 - 18 years;
  • Men 19 - 29 years;
  • Men 30 - 39 years;
  • Men 40 - 49 years;
  • Men 50+ years;


  • If the number of entries in a category is less than 7 (seven), this category will be matched with a lower (or adjacent) age category.

Value of prizes (7200 lei)

Cash prizes are awarded only for the podium in the Women's General and Men's General, both the Long and Short Routes.

Medals and trophies will be awarded for the age categories podium.

The prize fund will be modified according to any sponsorships that will be attracted.

Participation fee

  • 100 lei between 1 April and 31 May;
  • 110 lei between 1 June and 31 July;
  • 120 lei between 1 August - 31 August;
  • 130 lei between 1 September - 30 September;
  • 150 lei on the day of the competition (We do not guarantee registrations on the day of the contest).

If you have a Real Sports benefit card, you have a 10% discount. View details
In order to use the benefit card first you have to activate it. If you have not taken this step yet, activate it here.


  • Entries are limited to 250 participants. In order to validate the registration, it is necessary to pay the participation fee within 5 days of completing the form available on site. In the event that a competitor can not participate, the fee paid may be transferred to another competitor.


By enrolling in this contest, participants undertake to comply with the terms and conditions in the Competition rules and accept GDPR policy.

Participants will also need to complete the following Self-Declaration, which will be handed over to the organizers before the start of the contest.


Time remaining


The competition is open to sport and movement enthusiasts. Use the form below to join.

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You will pay with the card immediately after signing up.

Netopia payments

For bank transfer payment, the enrollment fee will be paid into the RO04UGBI0000722009187RON (Garanti Bank) account, beneficiary of the Real Sports Association. Please specify LAST NAME and FIRST NAME - 7MTB Real Sports enrollment fee.

In order to pay cash, the registration fee will be paid at the headquarters of the association (Aleea Tudor Neculai, no. 90A, Iasi), with programming by phone at +40 755 935 332.

We're looking for volunteers

We would love to work together to organize this event.

If you want to get involved, please contact us using the form below or call us at +40 755 935 332. Thank you!

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Real Sports Association
Aleea Tudor Neculai, no. 90A, Iasi
reg. no. 122/A/2011, C.I.F 28849651
RO04UGBI0000722009187RON (Garanti Bank)

+40 755 935 332

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